creator vs consumer

Who are you: A Creator or Consumer?

There are two types of people in this world, one who creates content and the other who consume that content. We will understand both in turn who is the creator and who is the consumer. And what is the difference between these two? So let’s start.



A creator is someone who shares information, knowledge, and his/her wisdom with people through Videos, Blogs, Quotations, Seminars, Public Speaking, books, audios, podcasts, movies, etc. He is the owner or the creator of the content. The creator is the one who first learns, understands, applies all the learnings in his/her life. And then does not keep this knowledge or experience to himself only. But reaches out to the people and teaches people who have interests like him. He/she shares any kind of information, knowledge, experience, or wisdom that matches his/her area of ​​interest to add value to the society having similar interests.

A creator is someone who works hard to create content to add value to the knowledge of his/her audience. And, hustle continuously to grow his/her audience, just to reach as many people as possible by sharing his/her content. So that anyone who reads his/her content can apply it in their life and make a better life for themselves. The creator is someone who loves to help people having similar interests on any particular subject. They love to create engagement of people with his/her content. They focus on building his/her personal brand or image required to grow his/her business or any profession. He/she the leader of his/her audience they cater to.

Creator earns money by selling their content to their audience. The creator is considered to be a Giver.



A consumer is someone who receives information, knowledge, and his/her wisdom from a creator through Videos, Blogs, Quotations, Seminars, Public Speaking, books, audios, podcasts, movies, etc. The consumer is the user of the content. A consumer is the one who sees, listens, understands, and learns the content created by the creator, and then applies it in his/her life, but he/she does not transfer this knowledge, which he/she has learned, to anyone else instead he/she keeps it limited to himself/herself only. At the most, he/she transfers that knowledge to some of his/her friends and family members. But apart from this, he/she does not reach his/her learnings to the world.

He/she connects with the creator who delivers content similar to his/her area of interest or loves to be engaged with the content of the creator. The consumer is just limited to being a follower only. They don’t lead others as they are a part of the audience. The consumer doesn’t earn money, they just spend money purchasing the content they are interested in. The consumer is considered to be a Taker.


Today’s era is of the information age and digital age. The real meaning of which very few people know. So let us understand what is this information and the digital age?

Information Age & Digital Age

The 21st century belongs to the Information age and Digital age, wherein anyone can make money. Anyone can earn fame, and build a brand by just sharing the information, knowledge, skills, experience, or wisdom with the outside world using social media or digital marketing as a medium tool. Anyone can become a creator and build their audience having similar interests like them. And, can earn huge amounts of money by just sharing the knowledge they have about any particular subject of interest. In this era of digitalization, sharing is caring as well as sharing is earning. In current times, unemployment is the biggest issue around the globe. But if you understand the power of the information age combined with the digital age. You can easily remove the tag of unemployment and replace it with self-employment.

The beauty of this era is you don’t need to ask someone for employment. You can be self-employed and make huge amounts of profit by just becoming a creator and sharing your knowledge.

If anyone is unemployed in this era of the information age and the digital age, then he/she is not unemployed by chance but is unemployed by choice.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is to excel your knowledge in any specific area of the field, and then just share it with the right audience out there through social media platforms. But it’s not that easy and simple as it seems to be. As the data suggests, around 97-98% of the people on the internet are just consumers and only 2-3% of the people are content creators. So, to be a successful creator or to monetize your work or efforts, you need to be consistent in putting your efforts and also, you must have enough amount of patience. As it’s not an overnight achievement. It takes time and this is where most people fail. Because they are not consistent enough in putting effort or lack the patience which is required.

Take maximum benefit of this Information Age and Digital Age. Don’t just be a consumer, and stop scrolling your Facebook or Instagram feeds all day long instead share your knowledge with people out there who are looking for the relevant content, by becoming a creator and make money by being a self-employed person instead of depending on someone else to offer you a job or any kind of employment.