Top 20 Things You Must Do to Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Top 20 Things You Must Do to Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Each of us want to live a long and happy life. You can achieve general harmony by creating your ideal path step by step. Each move is a new day that needs to be well planned. A large, attractive building is designed from small bricks. Let’s try to figure out the top 20 things you must do to be the best version of yourself and spend this life joyfully just by building a smart daily routine.

Top 20 Things You Must Do to Be The Best Version Of Yourself

1) Smile

Smile programs your brain for a good mood. And if the first emotion in the morning is positive, this trial will remain for the whole day.

2) Morning Exercise

Morning exercises help to cheer up, charge yourself with happiness hormones, improve concentration, and adjust you to the right choices during the day.

3) Take Healthy Diet and Drink More Water

We all know the saying ‘You are what you eat’. Thus, try to eat wisely, calculating the right amount of calories. Try to make a choice in favor of healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Plan your diet well in advance, and don’t overeat. Also, hydrate yourself and drink as much water as your body requires.

4) Make a to do list

When you write down things to do, this information goes into the core of your brain, preventing you from forgetting what you are planning to do today. It will also make it easier for you to evaluate your progress this way.

5) Set your Goals and Evaluate them at the EOD

As mentioned above, make an effort to reflect on your duties which you planned. This practice allows you not to be lost on your path and highlight where you lag behind or what you can try differently.

6) Take Rest

Don’t overdo anything: give yourself time to rest, whatever you are doing. This is beneficial not only for keeping muscles from numb but also for overall mental health.

7) Go for Morning or Evening Walk

Walking in the fresh air is amazing to help you relax, “digest” what happened during the day, think about life, or not think about anything at all. Moreover, it strengthens your body and allows you to speed up your metabolism.

8) Practice Meditation

Slow down, breathe in, let go of thoughts, relax, and become aware of yourself. Meditation brings us sensations that no other activity in the world can provide. This is a great practice to let go of all the trouble and get closer to your ideal version of yourself.

9) Keep your phone aside while working

If you want to do something well, do it thoughtfully. How often are you distracted by notifications on your phone, missing something noteworthy at work or in a conversation with friends? Make it a rule to put your phone away and be entirely at the moment.

10) Don’t work outside working hours

This is something we all neglect working remotely. Not noticing the time spent at work, we slowly start to burn out. Don’t let work take over your life completely. Set a clear schedule for the day and stay within it.

11) Listening Music

Have you ever met people who don’t like music? Listening to your favorite songs is about awakening those feelings that you cannot reveal in any other way. You literally feel more cheerful and active during and after listening to suitable compositions.

12) Be close to Nature

Each of us is a unique part of nature. Merging with the forest, ocean, and mountains, you feel involved, find new meanings, and get inspired. Do not neglect nature and feel lucky to be on this planet.

13) Practice your Hobbies

When you focus on what you truly adore, you involuntarily become the best version of yourself. Any hobby develops the heart, mind, and soul. Seek and find what really brings you happiness.

14) Learn something new everyday

Cognitive development and brain strengthening are the path to success and a better understanding of the world. The more you learn, the smarter you get. And this, in turn, helps to live easier and more efficiently.

15) Read something productive

Reading books increases a person’s vocabulary and contributes to developing thinking, which allows you to formulate and express thoughts more clearly. Also, it expands horizons, enriches your inner world, makes you smarter, and has a positive effect on memory.

16) Practice Gratitude

Everything in this life happens for a reason. Be grateful for your efforts, other people’s actions, or the good fortune that something nice happened today. This practice will help grow kindness in your heart, making you even more significant.

17) Have Sound Sleep

There is a lot of controversy about how many hours of sleep you need. Find your balance, get enough sleep to feel great during the day. We know first hand that when we have spent a good night, a pleasant mood remains for the whole day.

18) Surround yourself with Successful People

A man is known by the company he keeps. What can inspire more if not communication with amazing people? Someone else’s incredible experience, interesting thoughts provoke you to grow intellectually and morally.

19) Visualize

When you imagine yourself in a wonderful place, with astounding people, doing what you love, the universe begins to help you implement your ideas. By drawing a picture in your head, you have a better idea of what you want and who you want to be.

20) Listen to your Body & Mind

Each of us is absolutely unique. Everyone needs their approach. There is no one instruction for different people. Listen to yourself to be happy. 

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