Are you using the technology or technology is using you?

Are you using the technology or technology is using you?

In today’s time, technology plays a huge role in our life. It impacts our lives in many ways. Whether you want to talk to your loved ones or searching some relevant information on any topic, it comes into play. Whether to purchase any service/product or to scale your business around the globe, it is everywhere. From morning to late-night, we all are surrounded by technology. It impacts or even directs our way of life. We can’t imagine a future without it. Earlier, people get afraid of this innovation but nowadays, everyone adopts the change and accepted it. But like everything else, technology also has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether it will harm us or benefits us, is all depends upon how we react to it. We react towards it in two ways: Either we use it or let it use us. Now, the biggest question arises: Are you using the technology or technology is using you?

If you have complete command over the technology or you use it, then it will definitely benefit you in multiple ways. But if it has command over you, then it will definitely harm you in multiple ways. Let’s discuss each reaction individually to let you clearly understand and analyze: What is your reaction towards the technology and what are its aftermaths?

Technology is using you or you use the technology?

Most people belong to this situation. Many people react to it in this way by letting it use you, which eventually harms them in multiple ways. Most people are governed by it instead of governing it for their own use. Today’s world belongs to the era of the information age or digital age, where technology prevails. In this age of digitalization, we all have a tremendous amount of opportunities at our fingertips. If you simply waste your time by scrolling the Instagram or Facebook feeds, then technology is using you.

Today, social media platforms are the attraction points for all businesses out there because everyone uses them. Now, the biggest opportunity we all have in this information age is to take maximum benefit of social media platforms for our own growth. We all know, people with diversified interests use social media. And, because we are in the information age which says: “you can become rich just by sharing the right information with the right people at the right time”.

Despite wasting your time just scrolling down the Instagram reels, Facebook feed, or Twitter timeline, etc, start using these platforms to build your own brand. Don’t become a consumer instead become a creator. Use social media platforms to build your own brand and to make money. Instead of just entertaining yourself. There are two types of people in today’s digital world: The Creator or The Consumer?

The Creator

The creator is the one who delivers the content on any particular topic or field to the interested people out there. He is the one who builds his own brand. And takes the maximum benefit of the digital world by using social media as a platform to share information with his people. He is the one who makes money. He is the one who uses the technology for his own good and to help people with his knowledge.

The Consumer

The consumer is the one who consumes the content, delivered by the creator. He is the one who follows and falls into the part of the audience. He misses the opportunity to build his own brand and eventually, get used by the technology which in turn sucks his focus and time. The consumer uses the digital world to entertain himself instead of making money or creating his own brand. He is the one to whom technology uses, which brings nothing to him.

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