5 things that happen to you for being too nice

5 things that happen to you for being too nice

We all love nice people. But there is such a thing as being “too nice.” We all know that person who bends over backward and does anything for other people but forgets to look after themselves. There are many things that can go wrong when you’re too nice. Here’s the list of 5 things that happen to you for being too nice.

5 things that happen to you for being too nice

1) Your time gets wasted

Being too nice can lead to a lot of wasted time. You’ve been giving out a lot and not getting much coming in. Because of your nature of being too nice to someone puts you in a situation where you just only contemplate about the well being of others by simultaneously ignoring your own. You are giving so much to others that there is nothing left for your own self and at the end you feel exhausted with a lot of time wasted on ungrateful people.

2) You gets taken for granted

When you’re too nice, you are much more vulnerable to being scammed, manipulated and at the end taken for granted. You’re too nice? Cool, they just took your job, your wife, and your self-respect. If someone is in your life who you respect but treat you poorly, then cut them off right away. You deserve better. If someone doesn’t respect your kindness then they don’t deserve your time, concern and affection at the first place. People used to take kind people for granted and you need to identify those people to make a clear social distance with them.

3) Your limits gets crossed repeatedly

When you treat people with respect that’s a great thing, especially if it’s met with respect in return. But being overly nice is something else entirely. It often comes out of a place of low self-worth or not doing “enough” to help and serve others. This can go from being an enthusiasm for being there for others to an outright toxic obsession, including in romantic relationships. One of the bad things that happen when you’re too nice is that you get stepped on and have your boundaries violated over and over. Don’t be that person. You’re worth much more.

4) Feeling frustrated and resentful

When you’re too nice one of the bad things that happen is that you repress resentment. This leads into a cycle of being even more outwardly nice while feeling even more inwardly not nice. You blame yourself for feeling down about taking on the weight of the world and try even harder to win the approval and appreciation of those around you. But instead, you just end up as an emotional wreck who feels unappreciated. Extreme niceness isn’t nice, it’s codependent.

5) You get into the habit of saying ‘Sorry’ too much

Saying sorry too much is one of the bad things that happen when you’re too nice. For one thing, it’s just plain annoying. Secondly, saying sorry overly often reflects the mindset and emotional state of someone who feels low self-worth. Every time that you’re saying sorry there’s a part of you on some deeper level that’s basically apologizing for your existence and the space you take up. This isn’t modest or wise, it’s self-destructive, and it can often bring out the worst instincts in other people. They see you basically apologizing for the space you take up and your own life and they instinctively devalue you on a subconscious level. Don’t devalue yourself and apologize all the time. You belong here and you’re worthy of a good life.

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