5 Steps to beat Fear and embark on a journey of massive success

5 Steps to beat Fear and embark on a journey of massive success

Fear and success don’t usually go together. When we look at who we believe to be successful, they look so confident and sometimes less like ourselves. When we begin this comparison, we tend to go inward and feel self-doubt. This is often when the fear sets in. We do this in so many areas of our lives on an everyday basis. If you’ve ever struggled with overcoming fear in your own life so much that you felt like it had a crippling hold on you, I want to share with you 5 steps to beat fear and embark on a journey of massive success.

Think about your own life and ask how often this happens to you. You’re really hopeful for becoming more successful as an entrepreneur but you’re too afraid to do all of the tasks that will catapult you like starting a podcast or writing a book. There’s a quote from Les Brown that I really love: “Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears”. 

When you let this sink in, it hits home in too many areas of our lives. Let’s face it, fear simply takes up too much of our time and energy. It takes up so much of our life that we begin to be upset about how we’re wasting time. When we allow fear to block our success, we’re just slowly dying because fear is literally stopping us from doing the difficult things in life and in our businesses. One thing is for sure, we’ll never receive all the abundance, happiness or success until we unblock ourselves from staying stuck in fear.

5 Steps to beat Fear and embark on a journey of massive success

1) Take a Deep Breath

Generally when we’re experiencing fear, you’ll notice anxiety.  You’ll feel it throughout your whole body in your nervous system. It can cause you to spiral out of control so before this happens and you have a freak out moment, take a moment to use breathwork to calm your nerves. It’s simple to do, take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out. If you think you’re up against something particularly nerve wracking on a given day that terrifies you, just try breathwork or even a short meditation. This usually clears a path of calm confidence for me so I can take steps towards the challenging tasks.

2) Suppress the inner negatives thoughts

We tend to do what we can to give all sorts of reasons to back away from what we’re afraid of. Instead work more consciously to notice you’re listing all of the reasons to back away, then begin listing why it could work and actually be a positive experience. The goal here is to talk yourself into it. I always tell my business partners to remember they can do anything. You can see so many successful people doing what you want to do and just notice that they’re not better or smarter than you. Repeatedly declare to yourself that you’re bold and courageous and that you’ve got this!

3) Reward yourself after every small success

This is unfortunately an overlooked hack. It’s so difficult for us to reward ourselves or to celebrate our wins. Yet, it’s a success strategy most wealthy people practice with each goal attained. Like with the tip above, reframe that inner voice and in this case, tell yourself that you’ll get a very special reward once you’ve achieved this goal. Even the simplest reward like a special meal out at your favorite restaurant is in order. When there is a special reward waiting for us, it’s so much easier to keep moving forward with commitment.

4) Look for an honest support

As with anything, sometimes you can’t succeed without a little help. There’s no doubt that you can DIY(Do It Yourself) just about anything but when you’re really struggling, you can begin searching for a support group to help guide you through it. Maybe you’re having trouble getting on camera to do a Livestream or create a video, give yourself grace and go get a mentor. You must remember, that even the champion athletes and wealthy of the wealthiest have coaches. A lot of this fear is just hardwired into your subconscious mind, so a little help from a support group where you can work it out may be what will get you closer to the next step.

5) Imagine yourself as you are already successful

Sometimes you need a little help. A little hand-holding is needed when we just can’t seem to muster up the courage. This is my favorite step and it’s borrowing the strength and courage from the future version of yourself. You see, there is a version of you that is doing all of the things you want and having all of the money, joy and success. The trick here is to tap into that future version of yourself by imagining yourself in the state of mind of already being successful. Imagine how you’d feel and act if you’d already achieved these goals. This is what successful people do as well because this really works!


Fear is normal, it’s a part of everyone’s life. It can be crippling when it grips on to us but when it seems like it just won’t let go of us, it’s just too easy to stay complacent but that’s not where abundance and success come from. We can take steps to face the fear and even conquer it so that we can move in the direction of experiencing everything we want out of life. Choose to tell fear to hit the road so you can begin to break free and feel more fulfilled and enjoy more success. 

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