5 Digital Enemies that limits your Brain Power

4 Digital Enemies that limit your Brainpower

Technological advancements and digitalization have totally changed our life. There are many advantages which day to day technological advancements and digital disruption bring to us. But here, you will get to know some of the biggest disadvantages caused by today’s digital world. Following are the 4 digital enemies that limit your brainpower by sucking your focus, attention, learning ability, and ability to think.

1. Digital Avalanche

“Avalanche” means overload, excess, deluge, too much, high quantity, etc. Digital avalanche means in current times, there is plenty of information present on the internet (digital world). You search for anything on the internet and it will show millions of articles, videos, etc. providing the information (relevant or irrelevant) related to what you have searched for. Currently, through digitalization, we can access a lot of information on any subject at any point in time very easily because of the high level of connectivity. It’s an advantage that you can easily access any type of information. But, because we have so much information present on the internet nowadays. It’s quite difficult for us to find the right source from where we can get the right content.

This digital overload kills our time in finding relevant information and, also sucks our ability to focus. Because, in search of relevant information, we are often misguided to the irrelevant information present on a digital platform. You need to be super selective when it comes to access the information digitally. Otherwise, it will easily kill your precious time and also reduces your ability to focus.

2. Digital Disturbance

In this age of connectivity, we are all connected through digital wires. If this digital connectivity keeps us connected, then it also acts as one of our biggest focus and attention killer. Whether we are traveling in the metro, waiting for the bus, chilling with our friends, studying, etc. Be it app notifications, messaging alerts, or missed calls. No matter how busy we are with an important task, our attention is immediately drawn to our phone or laptop.

Often we spend so much productive time scrolling through social media, counting new likes, and watching irrelevant things that this digital connectivity becomes a curse for us, which brings us more harm rather than profit. Look at anyone today, most people can’t live without their phones. We need a phone before sleeping at night. And, even after waking up in the morning, the first sight falls on our phone itself. Because nowadays everyone’s work or business is done through digital ways. Because of this, we can’t even neglect this thing. But we can definitely control this thing so that digital connectivity should not harm us but benefit us.

3. Digital Madness

Apart from affecting our ability to focus and killing our precious time, digitalization or technological advancements also affects our cognitive abilities. It is the foremost reason behind the reduction of our memory power. Earlier people used to remember the phone numbers of their friends and their family members. Not only this, people used to keep their mind active earlier by remembering all the relevant information, due to which their memory was strong.

But nowadays in this era of digitalization, we have become so dependent on technology that we have forgotten to keep our minds active. Due to this, the cognitive abilities of today’s generation are very week. When they need to access any information, they without any delay turn to their laptop, mobile phones, or other devices. They refuse to exercise their memory power, and cognitive abilities, which results, significant harm to their ability to learn. Everyone takes care of their physical health, but it is also very important to think about mental health.

Try to make your mind active and learn to memorize some important things, so that it can advance your cognitive abilities and boost your memory power, which in turn, helps you to sustain your ability to learn properly.

4. Digital Reasoning

When digitization had not evolved, then the decision-making power of the people used to be very strong. Because at that time people used to decide not on the opinions of other people but their own understanding, and facts. Earlier when there was no digital connectivity, so people could not take the advice of more people as they can’t reach out to more people physically, due to which they had to take decisions depending on their own reasoning capabilities, which makes their ability to think strong.

But now because of this digital connectivity, we can very easily take the advice of millions of people in the form of reviews. Because of which people make their decisions based on the opinions of others and simultaneously, ignore the real facts and weakens their own reasoning ability. Because of the digital avalanche, today you can find a lot of information (relevant or irrelevant) associated with a subject or topic. This overload of digital information enables us to decide based on other people’s opinions. This makes our reasoning ability and the ability to think or conclude weakens, results in, poor decision-making power.


Take maximum benefit of technology or digitalization but also learn to tackle these 4 digital villains. So, that you can boost or sustain your brainpower. which can make you unstoppable and become a reason for your massive success.

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