30 Quotes by Ed Sheeran that will definitely uplift you

30 Quotes by Ed Sheeran that will definitely uplift you

Ed Sheeran is an English artist and songwriter, who has hit the top of the charts around the world throughout the years. His music is a folk-pop/soft rock style. Ed Sheeran writes his songs based on his personal experiences; mostly about love. Here are the top 30 Quotes by Ed Sheeran that will definitely uplift you.

50 Quotes by Ed Sheeran that will definitely uplift you

  1. You want to make sure that someone is there for you when you really need them, and not just there for you for the good times.

  2. The worst things in life come free to us.

  3. I think the moment you start trying to please a fan base is when you start going downhill.

  4. A heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved.

  5. No one’s perfect. You make mistakes all the time. The key is to learn from them and not make the same mistakes again.

  6. I’ve never really been a confident person, except from a musical standpoint. I had to push myself early on, but it got easier with each gig.

  7. Everyone knows almost everything about me. I make it very clear that I’m cool with people knowing all my personal life through my songs.

  8. Just remember life is more than fittin’ in your jeans. It’s love and understanding, positivity.

  9. The world may be filled with hate, but keep erasing it now, somehow.

  10. I chased the picture perfect life, I think they painted it wrong.

  11. Success is the best revenge for everything.

  12. Be original; don’t be scared of being bold!

  13. The tongue has no bones but can break the heart.

  14. It was my love for the guitar that first got me into music and singing.

  15. Be nice to everyone, always smile and appreciate things because it could all be gone tomorrow.

  16. Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

  17. Love can change the world in a moment.

  18. Quirks might seem weird when you’re young, but they make you stand out when you’re older and that’s important.

  19. Do what you love, work as hard as you can, and make people happy.

20. “You know we are made up of love and hate but both of them are balanced on a razor blade.”

21. The club isn’t the best place to find a lover so the bar is where I go.

22. I can’t tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone.

23. Negativity isn’t the way to go. Smile more, eat some chocolate.

24. Just be you. That’s the best advice I can give. There are seven billion people in this world and there is no one like you.

25. You know I want your love. Your love was handmade for somebody like me.

26. When the world’s against me is when I really come alive.

27. And tomorrow’s a brand new day…

28. I’m going to always, always write about what I want, even if it doesn’t necessarily cater to most of them.

29. Music is a powerful tool in galvanizing people around an issue. There’s no better way to get your point across than to put it in a beautiful song.

30. The main thing that you have to remember on this journey is, just be nice to everyone and always smile.

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